Larry Rosenberg: Meditation in Action

There’s a consciousness revolution happening in America today – an explosion of meditation practice or “mindfulness” that’s being applied to virtually every aspect of living. How did this remarkable circumstance come about?  And who is one of the persons most responsible for having introduced ancient Buddhist meditation to our modern Western world? Meditation in Action tells […]

Our Neighborhood: A Documentary by Seth Fein

OUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Washington’s TV Cold War in Latin America across the 1960s is a feature-length documentary about Washington’s secret mobilization of TV to wage mass-cultural counterinsurgency throughout Latin America across the 1960s.  Its 90 minutes examine the convergence of two revolutions: television’s conquest of Latin American mass media and Castro’s overthrow of the US empire in Cuba.  Our […]

Paternal Rites

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE! Paternal Rites is a first-person essay film that explores the extraordinary and quotidian trauma of being in an American family.


Applications are now being accepted for Cineslam 2017!

2016 KOPKIND / CID Filmmakers Retreat Seminars: Applications Open!

We are pleased to announce a call to independent documentary filmmakers who would like to participate in a week long seminar and retreat in southern Vermont. The Center for Independent Documentary and the Kopkind Center are sponsoring this week-long retreat limited to nine filmmakers along with special invited guests.

Evolution Cuba: Stories of Art & Change

“Art for the people” collides with market forces in six short portraits of Cuban artists at the vanguard of an evolving nation.