Revolution Cuba: Stories of Art & Change

“Art for the people” collides with market forces in six short portraits of Cuban artists at the vanguard of an evolving nation.

Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN JUST LAUNCHED! An hour-long film following the celebrated writer Ursula K. Le Guin as she navigates stormy literary waters and reflects on her fascinating life.


How does a father live after the loss of his 23-year-old son from brain cancer? Steven Branfman, a potter and a teacher, didn’t know either but started by making one Japanese tea bowl (chawan). He ended up making a new bowl every day for a year after his son Jared’s death as a way of saying “kaddish.” This is the poignant and remarkable story of the intersection of love, art, and ritual.

Return to Haifa – The Other’s Story

An Israeli theater production creates major off-stage drama in eliciting a brief moment of empathy on the part of both Jews and Arabs for each other’s defining tragedy.

Why Doctors Write: Finding Humanity in Medicine

A documentary film about the intersection of medicine and literature, where creative writing and reflective reading are now vital tools used to support doctors, train medical students, and foster teamwork in hospital settings.

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The Center for Independent Documentary has moved!

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    A new documentary by Kelly + Yamamoto Productions What’s a hacker house? A hacker house is a shared living space that welcomes fledgling entrepreneurs who want to live with one another and work cheaply while trying to break into the high-tech economy. Set in Silicon Valley, the heart of the digital revolution, Hacker House explores […]

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