2016 Kopkind/CID Film “Campers ” get ready to head to Vermont!

This years Kopkind/CID filmmakers are making their way up to Vermont! Looking forward to a great week (July 17-24, 2016) workshopping their docs in progress, discussing the great art of filmmaking and sharing in a week of Kopkinds special blend of “radical relaxation”.  We’ll end the week with a FREE screening of James Demo’s new […]


A Documentary by Ken Whinier This 30-minute documentary geared for educational distribution focuses on the life of David Schaecter.  Born in a small town in Slovakia, his harrowing tale of surviving the Holocaust takes viewers on a poignant journey.  After surviving Auschwitz, David emigrates to the United States, rebuilds his life and gives back to the […]

Imagine Kolle 37

A Documentary by Michele Meek Official website: www.kolle37.com At the Abenteurlicher Bauspielplatz Kolle 37, an adventure playground located in Berlin, Germany, children build and climb three-story wooden structures, make fire, and use hammers, saws and axes. Founded in 1990, Kolle 37 invites young people ages six through sixteen, without their parents, to embrace risky play […]

Gloucester Speaks

A Documentary by Shep Abbott Gloucester, Massachusetts is America’s oldest fishing port with a renowned history as documented in Abbott’s earlier film “More Precious Than Gold” about Gloucester’s first 200 years. Today, approaching the City’s 400th anniversary, rapid changes are occurring. With the building of a new, modern hotel in the midst of a traditional Sicilian […]

Children Of The Vine

A Documentary by Brian Lilla Vineyards are making a new splash in Bordeaux, France and Napa Valley, California. These renowned wine regions are now producing high cancer rates in the children who live there. In France’s premier sweet wine region of Sauternes, leukemia rates in children are a whopping 500 percent higher than normal. A […]

The G Word

Directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Marc Smolowitz, The G Word explores what giftedness looks like through a mosaic of personal, intimate stories of children, adults, and elders. The film’s narrative arc is an examination of the gifted through all stages of life, from childhood through old age, documenting their search for acceptance, connection, […]