The Center for Independent Documentary was founded in 1981 to collaborate with independent producers to create films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern. These programs have been broadcast nationally and locally on public and cable television, won numerous awards, and are in distribution to educational markets worldwide.At a Massaachusetts state house ceremony, the Center was awarded the “Commonwealth Award” as Outstanding Cultural Organization in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for excellence, dedication, and vision in giving voice to independent New England documentary filmmakers and for broadening the audience of this medium.CID is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to transparency and providing our donors with complete information about the use of funds contributed to our organization.  To view information related to our tax status or to see our tax returns, please visit our listing on Guidestar (our tax id is 04-2738458).Contact Us:

Our address: 1300 Soldiers Field Road, Suite#4 Boston MA 02135

Phone: 888-220-0918


Susi Walsh, Executive Director ext. 700

Fred Simon, Executive Producer ext. 702

Joe Dunn, Project Manager ext. 701



To our knowledge, the extent of our cooperative arrangement with independent film and video producers is unique. Once we become involved in a project, we become totally committed to its successful completion and distribution. While we are neither a production house, funder or a distributor, we work with producers at all phases of the project- we act as fiscal sponsor, manage project funds, and offer creative, technical and fundraising support.

Our over 200 films have been seen on HBO, PBS, at the Sundance Festival, and have earned numerous awards from Emmy’s to Peabody’s.

Our collaborations are open to all US filmmakers, regardless of experience. There is a competitive application process.


CID collaborates with the Kopkind Colony to hold a week long seminar session for documentary filmmakers at the Kopkind Colony in Guilford Vermont. Held every summer, the camp has just had its 10th anniversary.  For information about out most recent camp: Kopkind/CID Film Retreat Seminars 2015

Additionally, CID collaborates with the Kopkind Colony to run professional development workshops on the PRIDE OF THE OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL. Known as the CINESLM film slam workshops, this one of a kind opportunity has created a unique opportunity for LGBT filmmakers to both showcase and workshop their films.

CID is a founding member of the Massachusetts Production Coalition (MPC). The MPC has been highly effective in advocating on behalf of the independent film community in Massachusetts. With them, we are deeply committed to connecting filmmakers to others who work in the field and related industries to build a robust film industry in Massachusetts.


The Center for Independent Documentary is a long time member of the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture(NAMAC). In 2009, CID was host to the NAMAC national conference “Commonwealth”, held in Boston. Sessions from the conference are available for viewing.