Atlantic Portals

Directed by Claire Andrade-Watkins
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What is Atlantic Portals about?

Atlantic Portals is the second in a trilogy of feature length documentaries about the Cape Verdean community in the Fox Point section of Providence, Rhode Island: the second oldest and largest community of Cape Verdeans in the world, outside of the Cape Verde Islands. Atlantic Portals picks up where the critically acclaimed Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican? A Cape Verdean American Story (2006) left off, with the displacement of the community in the 1960s as a result of urban renewal and gentrification.

Atlantic Portals brings the story back to Cape Verde in search of “home” only to return to Fox Point to follow the community’s efforts to create a sustainable legacy in the “new” Fox Point.   It brings closure and acceptance of the loss of the Cape Verdeans physical presence in Fox Point, and recognizes that “home” is a state of mind, not just a zip code, and that the Cape Verdean legacy will be preserved in the telling of the story.

Where are we now?

Our   2011 Kickstarter campaign got us rolling, and helped us finish “Hi, Neighbor”, a 13 min short, ‘memory conversation’, where a little girl who lost her home to urban renewal asks her wealthy neighbor, ‘Why?’ A classic story of American immigrants and what happens when society displaces them. The piece is the prequel to the trilogy and the opening sequence for Atlantic Portals.


The world premiere of  “Hi, Neighbor” was in October 2011 in Cape Verde, at the Cape Verdean International Film Festival.  In 2012, “Hi, Neighbor” was a Jury’s choice (First Prize) for the   Black Maria Film Festival.

We’re coming down the home stretch in 2013.   The 2011 donations   received through kickstarter donations were enough   help us complete “Hi, Neighbor” but not enough to finish all of the post-production for the full feature, including the editing/editor, online edit, sound design/mix.  THIS IS THE LAST STEP!!!


When and where is Atlantic Portals going to be shown when completed?

Spring 2012 WAS the goal, and now we’re aiming for Spring 2013 (life happens!)for    the North American/USA Premiere at the MFA in Boston and/or online launch – followed by a RI PBS broadcast on WSBE TV 36.


What do we need?

$4,000 will get Atlantic Portals out the door!  This will cover the costs for hiring an editor, sound mix, and online editing.

Upon completion,  contributors who made donations to kickstarter in 2011 will receive their rewards. NEW donors will also receive the same rewards, listed below.

(*rewards no longer include Rosinha’s Restaurant, since alas, Rosinha’s has closed!  The VIP reward will still include a final cut sneak premiere (location TBD location in Providence) and after party!

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Donation $10 or more Foxpointer: Donor’s name on the Atlantic Portals website and the film’s credits.


Donation $25 or more Granny’s: A digital download of the finished film, an audio CD of Candida Rose “KabuMerikana: The Sum of Me,” a voice from the other side of the Atlantic. (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS)  $15.00 off one entrée (minimum two) Rosinha’s Restaurant (Pawtucket, RI)(June l, 2011-August 31, 2011)


Donation $50 or more Working the Boats: A nod to Local 1329 of the I.L.A. (International Longshormen’s Association) founded in 1933. Reward a special edition ATLANTIC PORTALS DVD sub-titled in Portuguese and French. You’ll also receive access to the digital download AND a copy of SKFPR on DVD (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS).


Donation $100 or more Atlantico: A salute to culture, history, and music, this incentive rewards from both sides of the Atlantic- a SKFPR signed poster (8 ½” x 17”) and an audio CD of Maria de Barros’s album “Morabeza”, CD Mendes Brothers, Porton de Regresso (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS).


Donation $250 or more-VIP: This reward includes “VIP Tickets to the final cut sneak premiere at CABLE CAR CINEMA with an after party in Providence, Rhode Island. You will also receive Associate Producer credit on the finished film and your name appears in the end credits under Associate Producer. (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS)


Donation $500 or more Fox Point Walkabout: Walking tour with the Director of Atlantic Portals of old Cape Verdean community in the Fox Point section of Providence, Rhode Island ending in brunch at a Cape Verdean restaurant (Rosinha’s). (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS)


Donation $1,000 or more Packet Captain: This reward includes a special Producer credit on the film! You’ll also receive a limited edition print of the poster. (PLUS ALL OF THE EARLIER REWARDS)

Claire Andrade-Watkins is an artist/filmmaker/historian, and   an Associate Professor of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College.   Since 2007 she has been a Visiting Scholar at Brown University in the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, and has held an appointment as a Swearer Center Community Fellow.   She was a 2009   Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellow in Film, and has received grants for her documentaries from the LEF Foundation, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.   She is the founder and President of SPIA Media Productions, Inc., a production and distribution company specializing in media from the Africana Diaspora.