A new documentary by Andrea Meyerson

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An insightful look into the history of Women’s Week in Provincetown, one of the largest lesbian destinations in the world.

Ptown 2013 Faith, Jen, Ronni, Kelly

The year was 1984. Several women innkeepers in Provincetown, vivacious young entrepreneurs, got together to plan an event to encourage their summer patrons to return during the off season.  Without the luxury of email and social media, they wrote to all of their past guests and invited them to come back  to enjoy Provincetown’s beautiful autumn surroundings, while enjoying a Clambake and some local entertainment. They called it “Women’s Weekend.”   This grass roots effort eventually grew to become one of the most popular week-long lesbian events to date, and was the catalyst for many spin-off lesbian gatherings.

CLAMBAKE, an exciting new documentary from award-winning filmmaker Andrea Meyerson, charts the growth of Women’s Week in Provincetown, from its inception to the thriving, exciting lesbian mecca it is today. The film will take viewers on a 30-year journey through archival footage and photos, interviews with celebrities and organizers, current event coverage and performances, offering a historical and hysterical look at what a few innovative women can accomplish.


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