Einstein, Bohr & Grandmothers

 A documentary by Robin Truesdale

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_Everyone_ still  Einstein, Bohr & Grandmothers is a new documentary film by Robin Truesdale that explores the humanitarian philosophies of physicists Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr through stories told by eight women – grandmothers! The film follows the women through five weeks of rehearsals for a theatrical presentation written and directed by Boulder icon Len Barron, and culminates with their poignant performances on stage. As the great minds and hearts of Einstein and Bohr are revealed, the women also reveal their own personal stories gleaned from their years of experience and knowledge. Beyond the stage presentation, the grandmothers bring their own wisdom and insights to the screen, radiating exuberance and a sense of play as they discuss critical contemporary issues. A film to delight all ages, and to remind us that one doesn’t have to be a genius to be fair or playful, or to do things beautifully!
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