A BEAUTIFUL EQUATION: Einstein, Bohr & Grandmothers

 A documentary by Robin Truesdale

A documentary about physics, fairy tales, and grandmothers!
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Beautiful equation

Who tells the best stories? Your grandmother!

This documentary film follows eight elder women as they rehearse for an unlikely stage presentation about two great physicists – Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. The women are directed by 80 year-old Len Barron who delightfully leads the women through the rehearsal process. After twenty years of performing a one-person show about the scientists, Barron decides it would be quite a twist to have eight grandmothers present his material instead. Indeed, the women spin the tales of Einstein and Bohr with grace, depth, and wit!

The eight grandmothers, each with her own perspective and background, give vivid expression to the personal lives of the scientists in this delightful presentation. Their stories and experiences remind us that one doesn’t need to be a genius to be fair, or playful, or to do things beautifully.

Eight women, two physicists, a dash of fairy tales, and a pinch of playfulness… it all adds up to a beautiful equation!

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Director Robin Truesdale is an independent filmmaker in Boulder, Colorado. A Beautiful Equation is her directorial debut. She is also the film’s producer, writer, and editor.

Robin began her career as a news editor for a Denver television station. Her passion for documentary filmmaking surfaced in 2003 during her Master’s Degree program in Journalism at the University of Colorado. After years of constructing news and educational stories through video, she was introduced to documentary film’s powerful potential to communicate deeper stories about people, cultures, and issues of the times. She continues to work as a video producer and editor while also spending much of her time and resources creating independent films.

Her credits include Tumbuka Bloom, a documentary about gender inequality in Zimbabwe that was supported by a National Geographic All Roads grant. In 2006, she co-produced and edited Conviction with Brenda Truelson Fox and Denise Gentilini. The politically charged film received numerous awards at film festivals nationwide, including the “Must See” Award at Telluride Mountainfilm. (http://robintruesdale.com/)