Written, produced and directed by Karina Epperlein


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What does it means to be young, black, male and dare to step out of invisibility?


Finding the Gold Within follows six black college students from Akron, Ohio, for three and a half years. They have been mentored for seven years by the unique youth program Alchemy, Inc. and are well equipped with self-confidence and critical-thinking skills, ready to become the heroes within their own stories. The protagonists grow before our eyes, each of them hell-bent on disproving society’s stereotypes and low expectations. What will their paths and trials look like? How will they follow their dreams?


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Karina Epperlein, a native of Germany, has worked in Europe and the U.S. for the past 37 years as a filmmaker, theater artist and teacher. Karina’s work is always looking for the light in darkness, addressing the themes of transformation and healing. Her short film Phoenix Dance (2006) has been screening in more than 100 festivals and theatres all over the world. It was “short-listed” for the 2006 Oscar Nomination for Short Documentary, and has won twelve awards, including a Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco Int’l Film Festival. Karina’s earlier video pieces Labyrinthian (1984) and i.e. Deutschland (1988) were followed by the documentaries Voices From Inside (1996), Women’s Rites (2000), I Will Not Be Sad In This World (2001), and We Are Here Together (2003). Next she made the portrait In the Shadow of Huma’s Wing (2008) and Awakening from Sorrow: Buenos Aires 1997 (2009).