REFUGE: Caring for Survivors of Torture

Directed by Ben Achetnberg
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Refuge is 57-minutes long, and is available on DVD and Blu-ray.


It’s estimated that more than a million immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers in the United States have been victims of politically motivated torture. They come here from all parts of the world — some legally, some undocumented, some with families and some very much alone. They live in major American cities and in small towns. Some survivors bear visible scars, but many more have been wounded in ways that remain hidden.
Caring for Survivors of Torture…

Advocates for torture survivors, dedicated healthcare and social service professionals, and hundreds of citizen volunteers have united to create programs throughout the country that provide care and support to survivors who have come here to make new lives. Yet it’s not enough, and tens of thousands of survivors who may need their help continue to go unrecognized.
This Film is a Call for Awareness…and for Action!

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Ben Achtenberg was for many years the owner of Fanlight Productions, a nationally-respected distributor of independent documentaries. He recently sold the company in order to focus full time on The Refuge Media Project which is dedicated to producing a wide range of video, print, and web-based resources dealing with the issue of torture. Its first documentary, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture, deals with the healthcare and social service needs of refugee torture survivors living in the United States. Ben received an Academy Award nomination for the documentary Code Gray: Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing, possibly the only nursing film ever so honored. Ben’s other award-winning documentaries have focused on such topics as parenting, homelessness, disabilities, aging, and healthcare ethics.