The UG Krishnamurti Documentary

Directed by Matthew Dougherty
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U.G.” is an exploratory portrait of the life and ideas of U.G. Krishnamurti (1918-2007), the provocative iconoclast who rejected the search for spiritual enlightenment.

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Groomed from birth in India to attain enlightenment, U.G. spent the first half of his life on a ruthless quest for self-realization. In 1967, a life-changing transformation brought his search to a sudden end, but it was not the enlightenment he had been searching for. For the next 40 years, seekers and cynics flocked to hear his unique brand of anti-discourse. For some, U.G. was an enlightened man who denied enlightenment existed; for others, he was a charlatan, resentful of the gurus he had followed and desirous for an audience all his own. Set within the context of the modern spiritual quest, “U.G.” is an examination of the search for the Self in the age of home video. Juxtaposing the larger history of the search for enlightenment with U.G.’s personal story, the film confronts the aesthetic implications of portraying a self that may or may not exist.

Matthew Dougherty, Director:  Matthew Dougherty is a New York City based director, editor, and composer.  Over the past 5 years he has divided his time between NY, Copenhagen, Bombay, and most recently Sarajevo.  He graduated from the New School University in 2005 with a degree in what they called at the time “Mind, Nature, Value.”  He has scored the soundtracks for a few documentaries including, Mardi Gras: Made in China, 2005 (Sundance Film Festival); Girl Model, 2011 (TIFF, P.O.V.); Downeast, 2012 (Tribeca Film Festival); and The Empire Project, 2013 (IDFA, NYFF).  “U.G.” will be his debut feature as director.

Ruben Thorkildsen, Producer: Ruben is a Norwegian film producer and founder of Ape&Bjørn. He produced the award- winning film The Almost Man, and last year Prix Jeunesse winner The Games. He is educated at the National Film School of Norway, and built his experience by line-producing the box office hits Twigson and Twigson ties the knot. Ruben has co-produced Raoul Peck ?s latest feature, Murder in Pacot (2014), that was selected for Toronto and Berlinale, and Palestine Stereo, directed by Rashid Masarawi.

Adella Ladjevardi, Producer:   Adella is an independent producer and film industry professional with over twelve years of experience working in all aspects of the industry. She is currently co-producing Icaros: a vision by Leonor Caraballo & Matteo Norzi, a fiction feature film selected for the 2015 IFP Narrative Labs. Previously, she was head of the Cinereach Grants Program for six years (2009 – 2014), supporting the development, production and distribution of dozens of award-winning films and more recently consulted as a screener and programmer at the Tribeca and Los Angeles Film Festivals. She began her career working for documentary distributor Icarus Films, before moving on to work at Zohe films for filmmaker Jennifer Fox, where she was the Assoc. Producer of Fox’s feature My Reincarnation (Broadcast on POV & Nominated for an Emmy 2013) as well as Fox’s mini-series Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman (Broadcast on Sundance Channel & BBC Storyville 2008). Adella was also the Assoc. Producer of Anne Aghion’s feature My Neighbor, My Killer (Premiered at Cannes & Nominated for a Gotham Award 2009). Adella is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.