When Jane & Johnny Come Marching… HomeLess

Directed by Nina Gilberti
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“When Jane & Johnny Come Marching Homeless is one of the most important documentaries being made at this time.” – Ron Kovic (Vietnam Veteran, Peace Activist, author of Born on the Fourth of July)..

A documentary about COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and HOPE for our Veterans. The Voices of Veterans and their Families must be heard. We all have a responsibility to help those who served our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms many take for granted. It’s time to give back. War doesn’t end when a soldier returns home, for many it’s just the beginning.

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Everyone who returns home from war, especially from combat, are changed forever. Some end up coping better than others, but more return home with undiagnosed issues only to surface later. These hidden wounds are never clearly visible on the outside- many soldiers return, emotionally, homeless- a shell of the person they once were.

This documentary explores the myriad of issues soldiers and their families have always faced upon returning home from every war. Some of the most pressing and insidious include: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), also known as “shell shock & battle fatigue”, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) – which often goes undiagnosed only to show up later with greater consequences, drug & alcohol addiction, war flashbacks, intrusive memories, nightmares, paranoia, emotional numbing, hyper-vigilance (being on guard all the time, scanning for signs of danger, having an exaggerated startle response), and unpredictable behavior. All of these issues have resulted in significant rates of joblessness, divorce, spousal abuse, homicide, death from prescription drug cocktails, homelessness, and staggering rates of suicide.

This film seeks to heal these wounds and offer hope to our Veterans and their families- by having their Voices expressed and heard, raising awareness to the issues, and hopefully- moving a nation to care.

Nina M. Gilberti has been a professional artist, illustrator, and photographer for over ten years. She received an M.F.A. degree in Film at Temple University where she garnered 11 national and international awards for her short films. In addition, she was nominated for an American Cinema Editors award and received a Directing Internship through the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to study with a director in dramatic, long form television at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.

Shortly after relocating from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, she began a career as a film editor working for the “King of B-Movies” Roger Corman. She has edited 20 feature films with various production companies including New Line Cinema and Trimark Pictures. She is currently working in her seventh season as a film editor on the popular crime drama Criminal Minds for CBS. Nina received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Editing for the ABC documentary Positive: A Journey Into AIDS.