An Appeal For The Center For Independent Documentary


Dear Friends:

35 years ago The Center For Independent Documentary embarked on the mission to collaborate with independent filmmakers in the creation and distribution of high quality documentaries that inspire and educate audiences.  With the remarkable events of the past few months still reverberating and with their implications for our country’s future so uncertain, our mission is now more vital and more galvanized than ever.

For 35 years CID Films and CID Filmmakers have been at the forefront of the struggle toward a more just and more equitable society and toward a more sustainable future for our children.  With your help we will carry that struggle forward into what may prove to be a critical and potentially turbulent turning point for our country, and for the world. I am asking you to give generously if you believe that now, more than ever the stories of our most vulnerable neighbors, our most inspiring minds and our most cherished ideals and institutions need to be heard; if you believe an educated and enlightened electorate is necessary to the peaceful functioning of democracy;  if you believe that the advances of the past thirty-five years must not be just defended,  but advanced.

Your donation to The CID General Operating Fund will ensure that we continue to work with producers at all phases of their projects; managing project funds, offering creative, technical and fundraising support and helping the finished film find, engage and motivate audiences to action.

This year, with the help of our filmmakers, we’re compiling a comprehensive catalogue of CID sponsored films stretching back to our founding in 1981 – to be made available to educators, museums, cultural societies, and community organizers.  Our Kopkind and CINESLAM on Pride of The Ocean retreats continue to provide filmmakers with feedback, training, and the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas and share resources with peers and colleagues.  And our Work-In-Progress screenings offer filmmakers the sort of criticism, commentary and support that is so vital to honing a film’s message in its final stages of creation.

Help us continue to give voice to those who most need to be heard, at a time when they most need to be heard.    Give.

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Susi Walsh,  Executive Director

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