Kopkind 2012 Grassroots Film Screenings

Each year the Kopkind Grassroots Film Screenings takes place during the CID / Kopkind Filmmakers Retreat & Seminars near the end of the retreat. The screenings are open to the public with the Kopkind Retreat Filmmakers in attendance.


August 10th. Love and Other Anxieties, directed by Lyda Kuth.

Love and Other Anxieties, faced with the reality that her only child will flee the nest for college, film-funder turned filmmaker Lyda Kuth gets anxious not only about how her daughter will fare in today’s world of love and romance, but also about her relationship with her husband of 20 years. Love and Other Anxieties will be screened at The Hooker Dunham Theatre in Brattleboro at 7:30 p.m.

More info: http://www.loveandotheranxieties.com


August 11th. White: A memoir in color, directed by Joel Katz.

White: A Memoir in Color, in this deeply personal and emotional exploration of racial identity, director Joel Katz (“Strange Fruit” 2003) shares his family’s journey of immigration, assimilation, liberal idealism, bitter disillusionment and ultimately, reconciliation. White: A Memoir in Color will be screened at The Organ Barn in Tree Frog Farm at 7:30 p.m.

More info: http://www.ajff.org/film/white-memoir-color