Leap Of Faith

A Documentary by Eric Stange

Donald Trump won because of the “unlikelies” – voters no one thought would support him. But they did. How’s that going to work out for them?


The surprising outcome of the 2016 election touched off spasms of soul-searching among journalists, pundits and politicians. How could so many experts have been so wrong? The answers are complex, but one of the most convincing is one of the simplest: the experts just weren’t listening to a broad enough range of American voices.

LEAP OF FAITH is a documentary film and web-based media project that will follow a handful of “unlikely” Trump supporters — the people that everyone but the Trump camp assumed would either vote Democratic or sit out the election; the people no one seemed to be listening to.  By watching the Trump presidency unfold through the eyes of people with specific hopes and expectations, LEAP OF FAITH will provide an intimate and revealing chronicle of a changing nation – for better or worse.

LEAP OF FAITH will put a human face on the Trump presidency and trace what happens at the ground level where real people’s lives — and livelihoods — are at stake. Last November, millions took a gamble on a new, untested political leader; only time will tell how that gamble pays off.  To learn more visit:  www.leapoffaith-trump.com

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