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LGBT Film Festival on the High Seas

Film Cruise Benefits Vermont’s Gay Shorts Film Festival “CineSlam”   See all filmmakers on board below.


Pride of the Ocean will present a number of pivotal films, such as Greta Schiller’s (PARIS WAS A WOMAN), in addition to new works from directors Casper Andreas, who will be screening a sneak peak of his new film, currently in post-production, (VIOLET TENDENCIES), Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson’s (OUT IN THE SILENCE) and Yun Sun’s “Teddy Award” winner, (CITY OF BORDERS).  In addition to screening films, Pride of the Ocean will also bring together more than 35 LGBT filmmakers like Mark Payne (GET HAPPY!), Northern Ireland’s Connor Clements (JAMES) and Cheryl Dunye (WATERMELLON WOMAN) who will join us in socializing with the passengers in intimate dinners, parties and seminars.  This seven day cruise will offer free-style ticketing so that the attendees will also be able to participate in many of the other activities and off-shore excursions in Bermuda offered on the Norwegian Dawn.

After 3 successful years in New York and Los Angeles, Q-Me Con (Queer Media & Entertainment Conference), and Kopkind CineSlam are joining forces on the high seas with an engaging series of seminars on film distribution and funding. Included in the seminars will be Katherine Linton (former host of In The Life and producer of Lesbian Sex), Jennifer Howd (founder of
Punkmouse and Q-Me Con), Susi Walsh (director of the Center for Independent Documentary), Veronique Courtois (President at Casque D’or Films), Kelly Burkhardt (Managing Director of independent film distribution at TLA Releasing), and Vanessa Domico (Founder and President of Outcast Films and Deputy Director of Women Make Movies).

“We started looking for different ways to take the LGBT film festival into a more intimate world” said Scagliotti, programmer of Pride of the Ocean. “Here in Vermont we have filmmakers stay for many days at a farm in the country and offer our audience a chance to spend time with them beside the usual Q&A after a screening. We have BBQ’s, seminars and dances.   That is what we are trying to capture for Pride of the Ocean.”

The Pride of the Ocean cruises will also be run as a benefit for small non-profit LGBT film festivals around the country.  This first film festival cruise supports the work of Kopkind’s CineSlam, which is the LGBT shorts film festival in Vermont.  CineSlam  will also present some of their festival winners in the ship’s screening theater and other CineSlam shorts that will be part of its festival like Besty Kalin’s premiere of (CHAINED). More information about the film programming can be seen at The Pride of the Ocean web site.  Receive a discount of $199 if booked by March 1, 2010.

Introduction to Filmmakers and supporters on Pride of the Ocean..

Connor Clements
Winner of the Chessie Award (2009 Best Short at CineSlam) ;  Connor is a young new filmmaker coming from Northern Ireland.  His film “James” was a big hit film was a big hit in many festivals and has wond more than 20 awards this past year.

Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson
Their film OUT IN THE SILENCE will be a representative film for the decade of the Ought’s in the main theater on board for Pride of the Ocean.  In conversation you might ask Dean to tell you  about his pioneering work on discovering the “gay gene”.

Betsy Jose
Her new film BEYOND BOUNDARIES: takes a look into the lives of immigrants in the USA with diverse sexualities – their challenges, triumphs and dreams.

Cheryl Dunye
Her fantastic  film WATERMELON WOMAN will be a representative film for the 90’s in our Pride of the Ocean theater.     You can find more about Cheryl’s great work at her website

Susi Walsh
She has been the Executive Director of the Center for Independent Documentary since 1982.  In that capacity she has provided direct support to filmmakers in the production of over 200 films.  She also runs the Centers’ monthly “filmmakers workshop” programs which meet in Boston, MA.  She is responsible (along with John Scagliiotti) for programming the CID/Kopkind film camps theme and activities.

Rob Sherman and Dan Dowling
They are the winner of the PAW Award this past year (Vermont’s Bear Film Festival Best Short)  called WIDE ‘N’ FURRY.  It’s now winning awards around the world.   And you’ll bust a gut laughing at this amazing parody music video.

Veronique Courtois and Sandra Wong
Their film  (A DAY AT THE BEACH).  Is a fantastic animation short. Veronique, who was the acquisitions person for Strand Releasing for many years, has volunteered to give a seminar on glbt film distribution too. More about their work can be found here:

Yun Suh
Winner of the 2008 Chessie Award.  Our first Chessie Award winner!  Her short has now grown into a full feature called CITY OF BORDERS.  We will be showing this “Teddy Award) winner of the Berlin Film Festival as part of the Pride of the Ocean festival.  You can find out more about Yun and the film here:

Betsy Kalin
She is our co-programmer for Pride of the Ocean (and has a new short film we will be seeing called CHAINED).  An amazing filmmaker.   She also is self distributing her HEARTS CRACKED OPEN film and you can find out more about that here:

Matt Bucy
As you know, Pride of the Ocean is a benefit event and the first one we do will benefit CineSlam, our Vermont Shorts Film Festival.  Here in Vermont, a number of filmmakers are collaborating to make a film about the fascinating political and cultural world that is Vermont from the early days to the present.   Matt is one of the Vermont Filmmakers and will be showing us a little about Vermont. Vermont was the first state to give glbt couples legal rights equal to heterosexual marriage and lots of other major glbt rights have been secured here —   You can take a look at his beautiful work here:

Laura Terruso
A short film title like DYKE DOLLAR will certainly prick up your ears.  And watching it doesn’t  disappoint.  A film on: “American economic angst and gay panic explode in suburban New Jersey.”  A very witty film.

Madeliene Olnek
Ok, all you have to do is go this webpage and take a look at this face and you’ll see why Sundance was all over Madeleine Olnek for her short called COUNTERTRANSFERENCE. This film’s awards include Best Short Grand Jury Prize at Outfest,  and many more Best This and Best That at many festivals.

Mark Payne
His film GET HAPPY is a joy to watch “Get Happy” – a coming of age musical extravaganza Mark is a two-time Emmy award winning celebrity makeup artist who is currently based out of Hollywood. He has worked on many famous faces including: BEYONCE, KELLY RIPA, HEATHER MILLS, PARIS HILTON and JANE SEYMOUR to name a few. In 2006 he received the Best In Beauty Award from Allure magazine. In 2008 he directed his first film “Get Happy” which has won 9 awards to date. More about Mark:

Alison Segar
Alison’s  is new to the film world but her film  “and I am me” is amazing.  Alison says “I am originally from London England, having moved to Burlington Vermont 14 years ago. I live here in this frozen waste land with my partner Nan and our three children. I decided to go back to film school aged 47 to pursue my passion in documentary film, and also as a way to get out of social work, a profession I have been active in for over 26 years. As a political activist that has been dormant for too many years now, I see film as a way to tell stories that need to be told, and to ignite the activiism  in us all so we can fights for the world to be  a safe place for our children and our community in which we live.”

Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss
Who will be presenting PARIS WAS A WOMAN in our ship’s theater.  The  film portrait of the creative community of women writers, artists, photographers and editors who flocked to the Left Bank of Paris in the early decades of the 20th century. More information at their website: Andrea is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker and nonfiction author. .  Greta, co-produced BEFORE STONEWALL with John Scagliotti and Robert Rosenberg and directed.  This now classic film won two Emmy Awards after its PBS broadcast in 1986.  Greta’s numerous films and achievements are too many to list on this web page but she is certainly one of the most remarkable filmmakers of glbt themed films in the world.

Richard Davis
Richard knows so many languages and uses them all in his many travels around the world where he captures the lives and stories of gay folk in places where you might not know about.  Last year at CineSlam we presented his film on a gay center in Lima, Peru called “Afternoon in Agustino”  This year Richard is back with a short for CineSlam called “Out in Romania”   which looks at the lives of a colorful cross section of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who struggle with acceptance and self acceptance in a society that does not tolerate minorities. The clash between Orthodox
tradition and Western European openness plays out on a personal level in a country in transition.

Jennifer Howd
Executive Producer, Punkmouse & Q-Me Con.  A 15 year veteran of the entertainment industry, Jennifer Howd’s eclectic background includes work within feature film marketing, broadcast design,
visual effects and post production.  Jennifer has been a much- sought after Creative Producer and has worked on numerous high-profile projects including Focus Feature’s acclaimed Robert Evans documentary “The Kid Stays in the Picture” and VH1’s 10-part television series “My Coolest Years.”  She is currently serving as a Creative Consultant and Visuals.  She is the co-author of “The Gay & Lesbian Guide to College Life, published for The Princeton Review by Random House.

Casper Andreas
Will be showing his new film VIOLET TENDENCIES in our theater. Originally from Sweden, Casper lived in Chicago and Paris before settling in New York City to study acting and directing. In 2003 Casper
wrote, directed, and produced the short film Mormor’s Visit as well as his first feature, the romantic comedy Slutty Summer in which he also stars. In 2006, Casper produced and directed the short film Saying Goodbye from his own script, as well as the multi-award winning feature A Four Letter Word. His third feature, the drama Between Love & Goodbye was released in 2009. Which made his forth one, The Big Gay Musical, his second film to open in U.S. theaters in the same year.  This spring, Casper is premiering his new comedy Violet Tendencies at festivals, and he is also busy with post-production of Going Down in LA-LA Land, that he just shot in LA. In 2008 Casper was selected as one of the 100 most influential and newsworthy GLBT people by Out Magazine.

Vanessa Domico
Will be part of our Q-Me Con and Kopkind Cineslam collaboration seminars on board. Vanessa Domico is founder and President of Outcast Films, a distribution and production company which is dedicated to the fair and equal representation of media made by or about the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community. Outcast Films is also an educational and activist driven organization and it that pursuit we provide a vehicle for voices that may not otherwise be heard.   Domico has over 25 years of business experience in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. She is  Deputy Director for Women Make Movies, an arts organization which facilitates the production and distribution of independent films made by and about women.

Katherine Linton
She is an award-winning producer whose documentaries have aired on PBS, A&E, Logo, VH1, Bravo, TLC and Discovery Health. She has been producing socially relevant media for over ten years. Linton’s last highly rated documentary, which she Executive Produced,  MTV True Life: I’m Homeless aired in November 2009.  She is currently completing her second MTV True Life:  I Have Traumatic Brain Injury slated to air April 12th, 2010 as part of the series return to prime time.

Kelly Burkhardt
Kelly is the owner and creative force behind Pepperbox Pictures where she writes, directs and produces commercials for various clients including for profit companies and nonprofit organizations. Kelly is now the Managing Director of the independent film distribution division TLA Releasing and is spearheading TLA Entertainment Group’s Video On Demand division as well. She has been integral in TLA’s nationwide theatrical and home video releases of groundbreaking and critically acclaimed films such as Mysterious Skin and Latter Days. For the last 6 years, Kelly has also been instrumental as programmer for Philadelphia Qfest. Kelly’s first short narrative Tremble & Spark is currently playing the film festival circuit.

Christopher Dawes
Since 2006  has produced over 30 mini-documentaries on a wide range of topics. Christopher is a published author, most recently writing for Byline Magazine, the autobiographical article, “The 40-Year Old Intern, or why one man chose to take the unlikely plunge into journalism after years of high-flying Wall Street deals.” Christopher has been an Assistant Editor at In The Life Media and is currently the Associate Producer/Assistant Director for “Before Homosexuals”, the prequel to “Before Stonewall”. You can learn more about Chris at his website

Kelsy Chauvin and Lauren LoGuidice
Director Kelsy Chauvin and her star Lauren LoGuidice won the Sappho Short award last summer at our CineSlam festival in Vermont for BRIDAL PARTY. This year they are entering their new film YES OR NO. Anyone up for relationship intrigue?


The Pollin Group, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland and led by Jim Pollin, is well established in the Cruise Industry, specializing in corporate and educational managed cruises.  After Stonewall Productions manages a number of documentaries and LGBTQ film festivals. For more information about Pride of the Ocean go to or The Pollin Group, LLC , 4701 Willard Ave., Suite 1623, Chevy Chase MD 20815 Tel: 301-656-5740,Fax: 301-656-5741 Nationwide:  866-432-0050 Pictures for Press can be downloaded at: