The American Revolution

“The Incredible, True Story of How a Radio Station, Politics and Rock and Roll Changed Everything.”

Produced by Bill Lichtenstein
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“The American Revolution” is a feature-length documentary film for festival, theatrical, and public television release in March 2018 produced by the Peabody Award-winning Lichtenstein Creative Media.

“The American Revolution” tells the untold story of the early days of radical, free-form radio station WBCN-FM, from 1968 to 1974, through the extraordinary original sights, sounds and stories from the era.

The film shows viewers how, long before Facebook Twitter and GPS, radio, politics and rock and roll helped drive an unpopular president from office, end a war, and fueled the great social, political and cultural changes of the times.

The story couldn’t be more relevant or timely today both to those who lived through the era, as well as to a new generation of young people seeking to use media to create positive social changes in their world.  And with recent events, the story is all the more critical, including its look at the importance of a free press and free expression.

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